Prayer North Africa | 13-5-2020

12 Prayer Points For Algeria


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(Image used for illustrative purpose only) The Algerian church goes back to the first years after Christ. In the first years the church spread rapidly over north Africa. After Islam came, the church disappeared. Only during the French colonisation was the church re-established, mainly for non-Algerians. In the last decades a genuine Algerian (and Berber) church was born when God started to work among the Algerian people. Now, there are at least 35,000 Christians in these churches and many more who are not connected to a church yet because they live in remote places. Please pray together with Algerian church for the extension of the kingdom of God in Algeria despite the persecution. 1.  As local churches are mainly made up of first-generation Christians, the church needs to focus on the Word of God. Pray that local churches will be strengthened and rooted in the Word of God. Thank God for those churches that invest in discipleship training. Pray that new believers will be trained to live as disciples of Jesus. 2.  May the Lord call and send people to spread the gospel in Algeria. The harvest is great, but few are the workers. Many churches do their utmost to be Light and Salt in their country, but Algeria is a big country and there are many places without any Christian witness. \""\"" 3.  The Algerian authorities have closed seven churches in the last three months, in  addition  to  the  eight  which  were  closed  between  January  2018  and  May  There have been videos of  police violence against Christians in such closures, as well as temporary arrests. Please continue to pray for the re-opening of the sealed churches. Pray that in the midst of all the church closures no one will get disconnected from the Body of Christ, Christians have to find new ways to meet with each other. 4.  Every Christian knows how important the Bible and other Christian literature is. Please pray that the Algerian Bible Society will get permission to import and print Christian literature, able to get permission to open shops throughout the country to make Christian literature available to all citizens. \""\"" 5.  Thank God for the many modern ways to spread the gospel in Algeria. The media, radio, television and the internet are used for evangelism and training. Please pray for this use of the media. Pray for the people who connect with these programs and posts, pray that many will turn into followers of Jesus. Pray also for the work that is done to help these converts to get connected to other believers. 6.  The Protestant Church of Algeria takes risks by being outspoken and well organised. Christian leaders and their families are generally more exposed than other church members. This exposure draws attention and they may be threatened or worse. Pray for the protection of all church leaders and their families. 7.  Jesus prayed according to John 17 for the unity of the Church of all ages. Pray for the unity of the Catholic, Anglican, Adventist and Protestant churches in Algeria \""\"" 8.  Many Christians in Algeria live in isolation, that goes for people who became believers years ago, but especially for new believers. Thank God for those who try to visit these people. Pray that God will help these people in their important outreach work and that He will protect them when they travel the countr Pray that they will be able to encourage the Christians in isolation and help them to continue their walk with the Lord. 9.  The Algerian church dreams of investing much more in Biblical training. So, they hope that one day they can start Bible training centres and schools. Pray that God will open doors to realise that dream in what is the biggest country in Africa. 10. One of the downsides of Islamic law is that men and women who convert from Islam to Christianity can become the victims of dismissals and forced divorces. Several men and women in Algeria lost their job, lost their partner and even their children because of this. Please pray for these people who suffer because of this. 11. Women in Islamic countries are often doubly vulnerable when they become Christians. Please pray for our sisters in Algeria. Some are beaten and persecuted by their parents because of their Christian faith. Pray that these women will get the support they need. Pray especially for those who end up in house-confinement by their families. Pray that God will comfort them and help them to hold on to their new faith. 12. Several young Christians in Algeria reach out to students in their country. Thank God for their courage and their dedication to be Salt and Light among the younger generation. Pray for the work they do, also for the training they provide for students who start to follow Jesus. These young people need wisdom and the right strategy to connect with the students.


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