Prayer North Africa | 7-9-2023

Back to school, not back to suffering!


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Any child can be bullied anywhere in the world, but different places and people have different approaches to dealing with bullying. In North Africa, you experience abuse and bullying because of your faith. Besides your schoolmates, it could also come from adults, teachers, and the administration.

Students are back to school, and for parents, children, and schools, it is a busy time of year. They are all worried, but for various reasons.

The financial burden causes anxiety for parents in North Africa. It starts long before the start of the school year. As Christians, they are not afforded the same privileges and opportunities as the rest of the population. For example, even if they are qualified for a job, a believer will not be hired due to his faith.

As such, sending their children to school is an additional financial burden for parents in North Africa, who are already struggling on a daily basis.

Other children are usually happy to reunite with their friends when they go back to school, but many Christian children here experience some form of bullying, harassment, and mistreatment because of their faith. Often, they are the only believer in their school, and so if they are bullied, there is no one they can turn to.

Although the parents are aware of their children's struggle and fear as they return to school, they also feel helpless.

In the Middle East and North Africa region, there are numerous stories of Christian students being persecuted in schools and universities. Today, we need to let these children and their parents know that they are not alone. We must ask the Lord to strengthen them and give them hope as they face daily challenges.

please pray
  • For God to be there each morning before they leave for school, to suffuse them with hope, joy, and peace so they can face the day fearlessly.
  • That parents are able to meet all of their children’s needs and requirements for a successful return to school.
  • That every child and adult will put themselves in the shoes of a victim of bullying and choose to show mercy.
  • That schools will be a peaceful place where the children can develop and learn in a safe and peaceful environment.
  • Ask the Lord for a just and fair treatment of every believer in North Africa.
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