Impact Myanmar | 5-5-2024

Mother and daughter in Myanmar embraced by you after being thrown out of home


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When Daw Mar* and her daughter were kicked out of their family home in Myanmar because of their faith, the family unit they relied upon for survival was ripped from them. It left them in desperate need – that was until you stepped in with practical and pastoral support.

Daw Mar and Lyn* are from Buddhist backgrounds and came to know Jesus through local Christians. Daw Mar’s family were furious, saying they were insulted by their decision to accept a ‘foreign faith’.


“They were courageous to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.”

Daisy Htun
After being thrown out, Daw Mar and Lyn were robbed of the protection and provision of male relatives that women and girls in Myanmar are traditionally accustomed to. Without this, they are at risk of being likened to ‘a women’s skirt’, a derogatory term used in Myanmar to discriminate against women and girls.

Consequently, because of their faith and gender, Daw Mar and Lyn are not only exposed to hardship, but also shame. 

Seeing change

Their story reinforces the crucial importance of Open Doors’ Women's campaign, which seeks to help make sure that the millions of Christian women and girls who face persecution for their faith and gender are seen, valued and empowered to fulfil their God-given potential. 

Daw Mar and Lyn are already benefiting from this support. Open Doors local partners have contributed towards the construction of a temporary home near their church, and helped enrol Lyn in a discipleship class for her to grow in her faith alongside others. They’ve also given them food and prayed with them. 

“The journey for Daw Mar and her daughter Lyn is just beginning,” explains Daisy Htun*, a local partner. “They were courageous to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.”

Thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts for persecuted women and girls. As Daw Mar and Lyn’s story shows, this vital support helps remind our sisters that they are seen and loved by their global family, and above all, by God.

*Names changed for security reasons 
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please pray
  • For Daw Mar and Lyn’s safety, and the provision of stable employment and a suitable home
  • That their faith in God will be strengthened and rooted firmly so they can withstand challenges
  • That local partners in Myanmar will continue to be equipped and empowered as they serve our persecuted family in the country.
please give
  • Every HK$190 could provide Scripture material to four women, to nurture their faith
  • Every HK$260 could give a Christian woman food to help her family survive for a month
  • Every HK$430 could help a persecuted woman start a small business, giving her financial security
*Any excess funds will be used to strengthen other persecuted Christians where urgent help is needed.