Persecution Sudan | 24-3-2022

Sudan: Court Orders Church Demolition


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A court in Sudan has ordered the partial demolition of a church in the country’s north.

The court ruled that part of a church belonging to the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church should be taken down, forcing the building to close.

It is just another development in the longstanding dispute between the local church and authorities. The government established a committee to watch over churches, often interfering with their administration and even selling off church property. The move led to backlash in the local Christian community. It also led to acts of violence.

A Christian advisor to Sudan’s religious affairs minister was attacked last year for voicing his disapproval of the government’s approach to the Sudanese church. Since then, a military coup has put any progress to ease pressure on the church on pause.

Will you take a moment to pray for the church in Sudan?

  • Pray for the congregation affected by church closures. Pray that they can continue to meet one another safely.
  • Pray for authorities, that they will lead the Sudanese people with God-given wisdom and love.
  • Pray that amidst challenges in the government’s policy, Sudanese Christians will courageously speak about Christ.