Persecution Worldwide | 30-3-2023

Standing firm in the midst of persecution at Easter


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As we celebrate the joy and hope of Easter, we know that this season is also a time of great suffering and persecution for many Christians around the world. Despite this, persecuted believers remain committed to Jesus, standing firm in their faith in Him.

What does persecution look like at Easter?

Easter is particularly challenging because the pressure persecuted Christians already face heightens, and targeted attacks increase around the world. In some places, it is even illegal to celebrate at all.

In countries like North Korea, Eritrea and Nigeria, Christians are vulnerable to violence and persecution. In other countries, government authorities are actively involved in their persecution.

Hope in the midst of suffering

Despite the extreme persecution they face, our persecuted brothers and sisters continue to celebrate Jesus Christ. For many, Easter is a time of joy and hope, and a reminder of the power of God’s love and grace.

They remember their Saviour, the One who suffered for them and gives them victory through the hope and promise of His resurrection. They are reminded that, despite the darkness and suffering of this world, there is still hope! They know that God is still with them, and it is this hope that gives them the strength to stand firm in their faith, even in the face of extreme persecution.

Stand one with them this Easter 

Extreme persecution requires extreme love. We believe that no Christian should have to suffer alone.

For decades, North Korea has been the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian – and this year it tops the World Watch List yet again. Globally, persecution is becoming more extreme and increasingly violent.

In places like Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea and Somalia, Christians urgently need practical and spiritual support. That’s why we are calling on the global body of Christ to give today for vital aid, and prayers to strengthen faith and bring hope.

Here, persecuted Christians are being the hands and feet of Jesus to their shattered communities. Easter will look very different for them this year, but they are still shining the light and love of Jesus.

please pray
  • That the Spirit will remind us of our unity with Christ and the global Church as we partake in communion
  • That our suffering family who are following Jesus despite the high cost of persecution and discrimination will receive help and hope from God
  • May God be glorified through our steadfast faith in Him
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