Impact Philippines | 10-12-2023

Your gift of a brighter future for Jenny


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Jenny, 12, had a future of hardship, persecution and struggle ahead of her – until you stepped in to change the story.

Twelve-year-old Jenny can’t forget the first time she saw her father cry. He had returned home from days of demanding work, fishing near their home in the Philippines. Because of his Christian faith he is often restricted to fishing in certain areas – and this time, the other fishers had lashed out with threats and violence. Believers were even killed.

“It was truly heart-breaking to see my father so devastated,” said Jenny, the memory bringing tears to her own eyes. “He couldn’t fish for several weeks, but I am grateful God took care of us.”

“We know we have Jesus by our side.”

Jenny and her family live in a stilt home in the southern Philippines. They belong to one of 13 tribes in the region. Of all the groups, theirs is the most discriminated against. In fact, they’re known by the government as DOME people: deprived, oppressed, maltreated, exploited.

But Jenny is even more vulnerable because her family follows Jesus. “At school, they treat me badly and say mean things about me,” said Jenny. And what do the coming years have in store? Typically, Jenny might expect to be married soon, with a lifetime of children, chores, and hardship ahead.

But that’s not Jenny’s future. Because you have given her something better.

Thanks to you, Open Doors partners established a literacy programme in the area. Jenny loves learning and is thriving, among the top in her class. It’s given her a dream… “I want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I want to be a teacher or a youth leader in the house church, like my sister, and help others grow in faith,” said Jenny.

And this positivity and resilience is infectious. Right now, Jenny is bursting with excitement about Christmas. “I absolutely love Christmas because it fills me with happiness,” she smiles. “It’s the only time I receive a gift, which makes it special, and we remember how much God loves me and my family.”

“I want to make a positive difference.”

This Christmas Jenny will be remembering you, too – and she wanted to pass on a message to thank you for your gifts and prayers. “I am truly thankful for the support you provided for the literacy class,” she said. “It’s inspired me and other children to dream big, knowing we have Jesus by our side.”

please pray
  • Give thanks for Jenny’s future of hope, made possible through your support. Pray she will one day realise her dream.
  • Pray for Jenny’s family as they battle economic hardship. Ask for God’s protection over them, and an end to persecution.
  • Pray for Open Doors partners running the literacy programme in the Philippines.
please give

Please will you give the gift of a safer childhood to a persecuted child this Christmas?

  • Every HK$310 could provide trauma counselling to a persecuted child, bringing hope and healing.
  • Every HK$460 could provide vital emergency food to three families affected by violent persecution.
  • Every HK$650 could give a year’s education to a persecuted child, helping them have a brighter future.
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