Every time Ruslan opens his home he risks inviting in persecution.

Be family to isolated believers, and help keep the door open to the Gospel in Central Asia.

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Imagine: every time you open your home to someone seeking Jesus, you risk inviting in persecution. This is what’s happening now in Central Asia, where believers who convert from Islam face violent opposition. 

Though you may not know them personally, nor will we be able to tell you their real names for reasons of security, will you at this time be a family to isolated Christians - and keep the door open to the Gospel in Central Asia?

For church leader Ruslan*, inviting in Muslims who want to know Jesus is worth the risk. Ruslan’s home is routinely vandalized and his daughter was beaten up.

Believers face rejection, punishment, violence and even death.

Often, their own extended families can be the greatest threat. But praise be to God! Muslims, despite the opposition are coming to faith in Christ.

Ruslan meets new believers to worship in secret, behind closed doors. He opens his home to courageously share his faith. And many are coming to follow Jesus, no matter the cost. These isolated believers need your support and prayers.  

“Thanks to you, we are able to survive in this hostile environment,” said Ruslan. “You are not ordinary people, but an answer from the Lord.” 

*Name changed for reasons of security; image © Getty 

Please pray and, if you are able, please give today. 

Every HKD 800 provides vital aid for an isolated Christian family struggling financially because of persecution.
Every HKD 1,200 runs a training seminar for brave leaders like Ruslan, so they keep serving others.
Every HKD 1,600 trains an isolated believer in a new trade, so they can provide for their family.

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Thank you for being a channel of blessing and may God richly bless you. Your gift no matter the amount, will go a long way and will make a great impact in the lives of persecuted believers.
*Any excess funds from this appeal will be used to support vital long term work for Christians facing high levels of persecution.