Impact India | 15-6-2024

‘I have been encouraged through you’: Hope for Ajay in Manipur State, India


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Ajay* and his parents cowered under a bed, trembling with fear, as Hindu extremists roamed the streets outside. The crashing explosions were terrifying, and the cries of the angry mob chilled Ajay to the bone.


“But even if we died, we knew we would be in heaven.”

“We felt it would be our last day on earth,” said Ajay. “But even if we died, we knew we would be in heaven.”

It was May 2023, and violence was erupting across Manipur State, in north-east India. The conflict was mainly between warring ethnic groups, but it had a religious element too.

India is becoming more and more dangerous for Christians, and what happened in Manipur was a frightening example of unchecked persecution and mob brutality. Hindu extremists, with a radical nationalist agenda, targeted Christians with extreme violence.

“I remember watching helplessly as things that took years to build were burned to ashes within hours,” said Ajay. “After setting the church on fire, extremists attacked houses, throwing bricks and smashing the doors.”

Thousands of Christians fled the region, and many others lost their livelihoods and homes. Pastors were pressured to reject Jesus or face terrible consequences.

No food, no shelter

The help that followed from government agencies was limited and inadequate. “Homes were destroyed and there was chaos all over,” said Ajay. “We had no food to eat, no shelter and we were uncertain about our survival.”

For Ajay, the need to protect his own family was strong – but, as an Open Doors partner, he also felt an overwhelming responsibility to care for God’s family.

Your support gave Ajay the strength, resources and defiant faith to stay in Manipur State and minister to persecuted believers.

“When Open Doors partners approached and provided food and safe housing, our hearts were filled with joy,” said Ajay. “To have people come, meet and pray with us showed that we are not alone in the battle of faith. The body of Christ is present with us in every step, whether pain or joy.


“I have the strength to encourage my fellow believers because I have been encouraged by you”

Your kind gifts provided Ajay’s family with emergency aid, and your steadfast prayers meant Ajay could continue his work with Open Doors. He’s helped other Christians find shelter, and he’s provided persecution training and practical support.

“I have the strength to encourage my fellow believers because I have been encouraged by you,” said Ajay. “God has been protecting us. Extremists might destroy our buildings, but they can never destroy God’s people.”

*Name changed for security purposes
please pray
  • For Ajay. Give thanks for his bold, defiant faith and pray for his ministry in Manipur State.
  • For Christians not able to return home since the attack. Ask God to comfort and provide for them.
  • For the safety of Open Doors partners, and for an end to violence and religious intolerance in India.
please give
  • Every HK$280 can provide emergency food to 2 Indian believers affected by extreme persecution
  • Every HK$390 can train 20 believers and equip them with a biblical response to persecution
  • Every HK$640 can help a persecuted community establish a livelihood and give financial security
*Any excess funds will be used to strengthen other persecuted Christians where urgent help is needed.