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Militants had Nearly Ruined Them, but This Family Found Restoration at Shalom


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Trauma care in Nigeria is vital for the church.

Every day countless Christians are crippled by the violent persecution and insecurity in Nigeria. This year’s WWL research shows that it’s only growing in West Africa. One family can testify of the radical impact the brutality has had on them.

Last year, Pastor Steven David*, Ruth, his wife and their five daughters’ lives were almost destroyed in Fulani militant violence. Open Doors invited them to the Shalom Trauma Centre. They accepted the invitation hoping to heal and regain the dignity they lost in September.

Female participants at Shalom Trauma Centre taking a break between sessions 

Trauma Care and Healing

The family attended sessions specifically designed to help survivors process trauma. Through these workshops and by God’s grace the family found healing and acceptance.

“We wrote down all our fears and pain, we then took it to the cross, and placed it at Jesus’ feet. During the ceremony, I felt all my pain taken away, especially when they burnt the papers and I saw it turn to ash.”

During one session each family member was asked to draw a self-portrait exactly as they saw themselves. We noticed that Faith was crying and asked if we could talk. She opened up: “Since I was raped twice, self-hate and shame grew inside me. I felt dirty and unworthy, but now I know that despite what happened, God still sees me as a beautiful young woman. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.”

A big smile replaced the tears on Faith’s face as she said: “I have more confidence now and I’m ready to go and face the world with my head held high, because I am valued by God. Indeed, this center is a place of restoration where I have finally found my peace.”

* Names changed to protect identity

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  • Thank God for the David family and the testimony of His faithfulness he has brought out of their trauma and pain.
  • Please pray for Pastor Steven and his family. Pray that God will continue to bring healing to their hearts and minds. Pray that their testimony of God’s restorative power will help many others like them to turn to God for healing.
  • Pray for the Shalom Trauma Centre. Pray that many Christians in Nigeria affected by violence and insecurity can come to the center and find peace and healing. By God’s grace the center is expanding to help many more Christians affected. Please pray for a successful expansion.
  • Pray also for our trauma care staff, may the Lord protect them and bless the work they are doing for His glory.
  • Pray that the evil and brokenness brought forth by Fulani militants will not have a lasting impact on Christians, especially young women who are raped. Continue to also pray for these persecutors and that God will make them to turn away from this violence and find faith in Him.
  • Every HK$310 could empower women by training them for work, to support their families
  • Every HK$850 could provide shelter for a displaced Christian family
  • Every HK$1,250 could help survivors of violence rebuild their lives through trauma counselling

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