News Myanmar | 19-11-2021

Myanmar Military Crackdown Displaces Christians


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Increasing violence in Myanmar has displaced thousands of local Christians over the last few weeks.

“The situation is difficult to describe,” said Brother Lwin*, a local Open Doors partner. “Wherever the military goes, they burn the houses, kill the pigs, and occupy churches.

“The fighting is intense in Christian areas… It’s alarming because believers’ families there are forced to hide in the forest. There is nowhere to hide but in the jungle.

“The military says they will kill all the men who stand in their way. There is a shoot to kill order, so there is a climate of fear and anxiety. Believers have become internally displaced people and are in truly awful conditions.

“Winter is coming, and they don’t have proper clothing. We are being pressed from all sides. In some villages, the military doesn’t even allow goods coming in. Basic needs and basic medicines are out of reach. The people are feeling a sense of helplessness.”

Another local partner, Daisy Htun*, added, “The church has been through so much and believers are traumatised. Church buildings and church properties have been attacked, vandalised, robbed, and even burned. When the bombings started and the violent crackdowns followed, the people had no choice but to flee. According to our field reports, 30 churches have been attacked by the military since the coup.”

The situation in Myanmar right now is serious. But your support and prayers are making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.

As of September, our local partners reached over 17,000 believers with emergency relief and biblical training. On top of that, Brother Lwin tells us that 544 new believers have recently come to Christ.

“Praise God, even if there is helplessness, we are seeing a lot of people coming to Christ at this time. God is still bringing people unto Himself.”

Will you take a moment to pray over Myanmar right now?
*Names changed for security purposes.