News Sudan | 16-12-2020



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In a landmark case, 14 extremists have been charged for attacking a church in Sudan.

Nine defendants recently appeared before the Dar-Alsalam Criminal Court for their alleged involvement in a series of arson attacks on a church. It was the first prosecution of its kind in the nation’s history.

A total of 14 people are accused of the attacks. However, according to sources, “One is being tried in a separate court for minors, while the remaining four suspects are believed to be in hiding.”

The 14 have been charged with attempting to burn down the local church on five occasions over a nine month period, the most recent being 14 August 2020.

After this attack, the extremists sent a letter to the local authorities, demanding a clearing of the square where the church is located. The extremists threatened to take further action if their demands were not met within three months.

This landmark case is only one of the promising moves Sudanese authorities have made to ensure the peaceful practice of religion in the country.

In September 2020, Sudan’s interim government also announced plans to remove Islam as its state religion. And in November, a Sudanese court acquitted eight church leaders who had been charged for allegedly occupying their church buildings illegally.

Please continue praying over Sudan.


  • Praise God Sudanese authorities are demonstrating a willingness to allow Christians to live for Jesus in safety.

  • Pray God will be transforming the hearts of extremists.

  • Pray for continued safety as more believers continue to gather together. Pray their fellowship will be fruitful.

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