News Iran | 29-2-2024

Iranian convert who ‘did not lose hope even during all those years in prison’ dies


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In sad news from Iran, Ebrahim Firouzi – a convert who was imprisoned and exiled for his faith – has died. You might recall him from a letter-writing campaign we ran for him a few years ago.

Ebrahim Firouzi, a 37-year-old convert from Iran who was sentenced to prison and exile for his involvement in Christian activities, has died from a reported heart attack. 

He was first arrested in 2011 and has since spent six years in prison for going to a house church, being in possession of Bibles and promoting Christianity. After his release in 2019, he spent two years exiled in an extremely remote region of Iran, near the border with Pakistan, which is 1,000 miles from his home near the capital Tehran.

According to reports, his brother went to visit him after not hearing from him for a few days, and discovered his body in his flat.

‘Ebrahim did not lost hope’

Following Ebrahim’s death, Director of Article 18, Mansour Borji, explained how Ebrahim’s faith remained undiminished as he sought to transform his difficult experiences into something positive. 

“Even during imprisonment, he found creative ways to make [the Bible] available to everyone when he became responsible for the prison library,” says Mansour. 

“When Ebrahim was exiled, he became a respected member of his new community,” he continues. “He was starting a business… He bought shoes, bags and stationery for the young children in the area. He was hopeful for the future, and he created hope for the community he was living in.

“Ebrahim did not lose hope even during all those years in prison. He had an incredible fighting spirit.”

News and image source: Article 18
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  • That Ebrahim's family will draw enormous strength from God's comfort, peace and hope
  • For the safety, wellbeing and release of all those in Iran who are imprisoned or in exile for their faith
  • That the authorities will be impacted by the lives of Christians.
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