Impact Central Asia | 26-4-2022

Central Asia: Project Helps Afghan Refugees


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Photo by WantTo Create on Unsplash

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands fled. But life is still incredibly unsafe for these refugees who often have no access to essential daily resources.
Here’s an update from one of our local partners on one important project you’ve helped make happen.

“Dear brothers and sisters, I want to tell you very good news. We have started a ministry on the border with Afghanistan in our Central Asian country. This is a very difficult and closed area for the gospel. But by the grace of the Lord, we can serve in this region.

“Now there are a lot of refugees from Afghanistan. Many of them are hiding in a deserted area without clothes, food, and drinking water. Those who have at least a small income in the family can afford to buy water, but such people are very few. Basically, people drink rainwater and water from the river and ditches.

“We prayed a lot to somehow influence this situation and thanks to the Lord, your prayers, and your help, we were able to realise our dream and the dream of many people in this region. We started drilling 240 metres deep and found water!

“Now, local residents, refugees from Afghanistan, and our believing brothers and sisters will use this source completely free of charge. Praise the Lord!”

  • Praise God for this project and the blessings it brings.
  • Pray for more opportunities for local partners to support the most vulnerable Christians.
  • Pray that this support will strengthen persecuted Christians in faith and encourage them to share the goodness of God.
Every HK$400 provides one month of emergency food, medicine and clothing to a family of refugees fleeing extreme persecution in Afghanistan.

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