News Maldives | 21-4-2020

Maldives: Terror Attacks As Community Spread Of Covid-19 Begins On Paradise Island


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To many foreigners, the Maldives is known for its out-of-this-world blue waters, its paradise resorts, and as an ideal vacation destination. But this dream-like paradise turned to smoke and ash on the 17th April when a group of assumed ISIS fanatics bombed several boats at the Mahibadhoo harbour. The attack also coincided with the first cases of community spread of COVID-19 in the Maldives. The spread of COVID-19 will shrink the government’s capacity to stem violent extremism, wrote The Diplomat, an online news website. Officials said three people tested positive in Malé, the capital, but it was not clear how the virus entered the community. The spread has spiked to 86 cases today (22nd April). The boats that were bombed belonged to police and ambulance services, as well as private owners. The Commissioner of Police, Mohamad Hameed, stated that the event took place around 5.20am, Friday morning, and that it was ‘clearly a deliberate act’. Authorities suspect that the attack might have been in retaliation against the police for recent investigations into drug trafficking and religious extremism. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. There have been many cases of drug trafficking in the Maldives and authorities have been investigation them for years now. This is something we as an organisation have been praying for – that God would grant wisdom and strength to the authorities in the country to eradicate this problem.

100% Muslim

Maldives ranks no.14 in the 2020 World Watch List. The Maldives, especially its main island, Malé, is one of the world’s most densely-populated countries. All Maldivians are assumed to be Muslim, and are expected to take part in Islamic rituals and events. Those who do not attend will be questioned. All politicians tirelessly announce that they are keeping the Maldives 100% Muslim, leaving effectively no space for any deviation.


  • For the believers in Maldives, that God would give them the strength and wisdom to be a light during such dark times and keep them save.
  • For the authorities of the nation, that they would not be disheartened by the crisis. Pray that God would work through them for His will to be done.



Ramadan in 2020 will start on Friday, the 24th of April and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the 23rd of May. During Ramadan, Muslims fast and pray five times a day (at dawn, midday, late afternoon, sunset and evening) in order to draw closer to Allah and earn forgiveness. During Ramadan please pray for Maldives and the Muslim world, you can help Christians follow Jesus and make Him known in the darkest places. Pray that God will cause Islamic countries around the world to put in place wise and effective measures to fight against Covid-19 and protect their people, especially as Ramadan approaches.

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