News Myanmar | 24-8-2022

Christians in Myanmar in desperate state


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Christians in Myanmar are in a desperate state as the military’s grip on power brings unending conflict, disruption and fear. Please continue to lift in prayer the country and its believers. 

The impact of the military’s seizure of power in February 2021 has been catastrophic. It’s exacerbated the country’s long-running civil war, increased displacement and crippled the economy. Fear pervades the country. 

Many Christians are facing emotional turmoil due to the stress of living as displaced persons and refugees, and trauma because of the killings and fighting they have experienced and witnessed. Pastors are facing challenges shepherding believers. 

Christians driven to drink and away from faith

“Many people in the area I am serving are experiencing trauma on a daily basis,” shares Pastor Koo*, an Open Doors local partner. “It has affected the believers, their souls and their physical bodies such that many believers are discouraged and frustrated. They are in need of counselling.”

Many people in the area I am serving are experiencing trauma on a daily basis.

Pastor Koo
“There are lots of displaced persons and refugees; some of them do not want to share anything, they are so closed off emotionally it is hard to reach them, and some are sick because of this, and it is difficult to help them,” adds Sister Meii*, a local partner who is helping displaced believers. 

“For us, as Christians, we are relieved by God’s Word when we feel burdened, and I have hope in God’s Word and promises. But for some Christians and Buddhists, they don’t care for their lives anymore and they have resorted to drinking and getting drunk. Some Christians have given up on their faith, while some Buddhists seek the Christian God. Our brothers and sisters need our help.”

Open Doors local partners recently ran counselling training for leaders, equipping them with the basic skills to provide pastoral care for believers. It’s one of several ways your gifts and prayers are enabling partners to help our family in Myanmar. Other support includes emergency relief aid and persecution survival training.

*Names changed for security reasons 

Please pray
  • That Christians who’ve been driven from their homes will have the strength to place their hope in Jesus
  • That Open Doors local partners will be equipped to reach all those in need
  • That counselling training and persecution survival training will be hugely fruitful for all those who attend.
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