News Laos | 11-2-2020

New Believers In Northern Laos Face Hostility From Their Community


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Laotian Youth Believer Reading God\'s Word (Image used for illustrative purpose only Before Christmas in 2019, Loe* accepted Christ into his life through a pastor he met in the city where he studies. Excited with the great news he has received, Loe went home to his village in the northernmost part of Laos and shared the gospel to his families, friends and neighbors. About 10 of them committed their lives to Christ, but it was only a month later when these believers were summoned by the village chief and the elders of their village for a meeting. At the meeting hall the whole village was there and shouted at them to leave the village. “Leave! You now belong to your Jesus, you are no longer allowed to live in this community!” Right at that moment, few of the 10 denied Christ in the fear of losing their homes but others stood strong in their faith and continued to declare their commitment in Jesus. But their decision is met with further hostility from the villagers, they were threatened even more and were socially boycotted. Until now, their community continues to force them to deny Christ or else, they move out from the village. Loe asks you to encourage these believers through prayers. Pray that God will continue to protect them from any harm and that despite the opposition they face from their community they will continue to express God’s love and become pillars of light in their village. Pray for their oppressors that they too will encounter God in the most personal way and they will have a change of heart, come to know Him and receive His gift. *Name changed for security reasons Laos ranks no.20 in the WORLD WATCH LIST Source of persecution: Ethnic Antagonism / Communist and post-communist oppression / Dictatorial paranoia  ------

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