News Nigeria | 21-9-2023

Student killed in Nigeria after militants set rectory ablaze


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A 25-year-old student has been killed after Fulani militants set light to a church building in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria. 
The incident happened last Thursday (7 September), when Fulani militants arrived at the rectory of St Raphael’s Catholic Church to kidnap the priest. But after being unable to enter the building, they set it ablaze. Most people escaped. However, Na’aman Stephen Danlami suffered severe burns and he died of asphyxiation (deprivation of oxygen).

At the funeral of Na’aman Stephen Danlami who died from the fire

In Nigeria, kidnapping for ransom is rife, especially in the Middle Belt and the north of the country. It affects both Christians and Muslims, but the former are especially vulnerable to such incidents. 

It’s part of the escalating violence facing Christians not only in Nigeria but across sub-Saharan Africa, and why the Arise Africa campaign – which began earlier this year – is crucial in raising prayer, awareness and support.
please pray
  • That all those affected by this incident will be upheld by God’s comfort
  • For an end to kidnappings in the region and that all those still held captive will be released
  • That believers in Nigeria will be strengthen in their faith, despite the ongoing threat of persecution.
International Day of Prayer

Arise Africa
Stand up to violent persecution with the power of prayer
Nov 5, 2023
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