Prayer North Korea | 8-3-2024

“Winter is cold in North Korea.”


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Open Doors has received some thank-you messages from secret Christians in North Korea who received support in the harsh winter season.

North Korea once again tops the Open Doors’ World Watch List that ranks the top 50 countries where faith costs the most. Reading the Bible, meeting other Christians, and praying are all illegal activities in Kim Jong-Un’s country.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea often referred to itself as the People’s Paradise, where the state takes care of the needs of the people, and the citizens take care of the state. This is the true communist ideal.

However, 75 years after the DPRK was officially established, North Korea is certainly no paradise. North Koreans who have escaped have described their country an open-air prison, a living mass grave, and a hell – and one of the reasons why is the malnourishment.

Surviving ‘poverty season’ 

The end of Winter and the beginning of Spring are traditionally known as the ‘poverty season’. The food supplies are as good as gone, it is too early to sow, and it is difficult to find edible plants in nature. With temperatures dropping to -20, winter in North Korea is bitter cold. 

Citizens have their own ways to endure the seasons. Some use plastic to cover the windows or doors, others use woolen blankets and a sack, while some cannot even afford to do that. 

Yet, the people must go out for their jobs, for ideological training, and for ‘volunteer work’. One of the jobs for civilians is to take care of the monuments and the leaders’ statues – taking care of the leaders who do not care for them. There is little to no distribution of food from the authorities.  

There seems to be no end to the mental and physical struggles. For secret Christians, their hope lies in Jesus. 

"We will not tremble for the persecution or harsh living conditions but will have strong faith and finish the race.”

North Korean believer

‘We will finish the race’ 

These Christians are grateful for the prayers of their brothers and sisters worldwide. “On behalf of the North Korean brothers and sisters, I want to thank you for your loving support. All believers in North Korea are very dedicated to serving Christ. We also support one another. We will not tremble for the persecution or harsh living conditions but will have strong faith and finish the race.”
please pray
  • Pray for the citizens in North Korea to endure the winter season and be provided with food, clothes, and other necessities.
  • Pray that the government cares for the citizens, not only taking care of the idols.
  • Pray that the secret believers are strengthened in faith until they finish the race.
please give
  • Every HK$210 means an isolated believer could hear God speak through a regular radio broadcast.
  • Every HK$440 provides a food package to a North Korean believer to keep them alive.
  • Every HK$670 trains a Christian to withstand persecution in one of the world’s darkest places.
*Any excess funds will be used to strengthen other persecuted Christians where urgent help is needed.
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