Impact Malaysia | 1-9-2023

Trailblazers of Faith


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Defying Dangers and Delivering Hope in Malaysia’s Hidden Terrain

Treacherous hikes up mountains and through forests. Dangerous boat expeditions, Bibles strapped to bodies, smuggled covertly across county borders. This is the journey of our courageous local partners in Malaysia, all for the sake of young people in a remote village who are hungry for Jesus.

Open Doors local partners have travelled countless hours through rough terrains and bumpy boat rides to reach these young people in rural areas. Their faith in Jesus is firm, and they are determined to see the next generation thrive.

“The journey was frightening and dangerous. I was scared and did not dare to sleep. The whole journey I was just praying. Thank God we arrived safely,” said Katy*, a local partner, after a long journey through wet, slippery, and muddy roads.  

In Malaysia, it is illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity. There are severe consequences for churches who have Muslim Background Believers in their communities.

Treacherous journeys to reach hungry hearts

In recent years, local partners have been active in working with the youth in the east side of Malaysia. They have found that the youth are passionate for God’s word, and they are eager to strengthen their faith in Christ.

Young people are often the targets of forced conversion, and sometimes even tricked into converting to the country’s dominant religion. Recognising this, local partners have initiated a few discipleship programs for the youth in East Malaysia so that they may stand strong in the face of pressure and adversity.

Seeds of hope: transforming lives through training and fellowship

Persecution Preparedness Training teaches young people to further understand the risks and challenges they may face because of their faith and how to stand firm in their beliefs. There is also a practical ministry module, where young people are taught to be set apart and live confidently as Christians in an ever-changing society.

The youth are so grateful for the effort put into each training and programs. “It has been a while since a camp like this was organised. I really missed it. I get to learn new things and meet new friends” said one of the children from the music program.

“I met with the headmaster for the first time together with his administration team,” said Sandy*, “They are looking forward to also partnering with us long term.”

Overall, there has been an overwhelming response from the partners and the youth. Open Doors local partners are eager and encouraged to bring more programs to the community to help young people and children with their walk with God.
please pray
  • Thank God for what He is doing in the lives of believers in Malaysia.
  • Pray for our local partners, that they would continue to stay encouraged and have the energy to keep serving young people in remote areas.
  • Pray for the young people in the programs, that the seeds planted would take root and grow strong despite the difficulties and opposition they face.

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