News Bangladesh | 21-6-2021

Bangladesh: Muslim Religious Leaders Baffled by the Resilient Faith of MBB Pastor


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Illustrative Portrait of man in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Captured By Bram G.

Bangladesh is a Muslim majority nation. 90% of its population are Islamic, and only 0.3% are Christians. Being a very tiny minority, Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) in Bangladesh must grapple with the reality of persecution daily because of their decision to follow Christ. They are constantly targeted by Muslim religious leaders (Maulanas) and authorities.

Currently, in the Western part of the country, religious leaders from Dhaka (Central Bangladesh), together with local religious leaders, are actively visiting MBBs from house to house. They are forcing them to renounce their faith in Jesus and revert to Islam. If not, their homes are tarnished, they lose their jobs, their livelihood is compromised, and their families are at risk.

Even so, local partners have reported that some MBBs are extremely bold and resilient in such situation, like MBB pastor, Kabi. Despite facing continuous persecution, he remains faithful in his ministry for the Lord.

Kabi could not stop his ministry

Kabi is an MBB who faithfully serves Jesus and His church actively as a pastor, an evangelist, an Adult Literacy Teacher, and in sharing the gospel to those around him. Because of his faith, Kabi has been targeted by Maulanas and other local Muslim religious leaders and his life has become more challenging every day.

The Maulanas have been tormenting Kabi since they found out about his faith and they have been pressuring him to renounce his faith in Jesus since.  But when they found that they could not stop Kabi from his ministry activities, they tried other methods.

Kabi started a business in Solar Energy, installing Solar Power in local areas and various villages. He was thriving in his business and had many beneficiaries, but when his beneficiaries found out that Kabi was a Christian, they cut off their partnership with his business saying,

“You are now a Christian and you have got millions of dollars. We will not give you money.”

This assumption was not true but because most of his beneficiaries were Muslims, they all backed out and Kabi eventually lost his business. Despite the setback, Kabi still serves the local church faithfully and passionately. His response to the persecution gave the Maulanas and other Muslims a headache – all their efforts just doesn\'t seem to get through to this man, so, they tried something else.

In Bangladesh, many homes and villages have something called a tube-well. It is a type of water well made from a long stainless-steel pipe placed deep into the ground to bring up clean water. The Maulanas not only stole his tube-well in the middle of the night, but also his goats, and other objects that he had that had value. Then they destroyed all his crops, leaving him with absolutely nothing and with mud and dirt everywhere – a complete mess.

The next morning, Kabi came out to find his home a mess, with nothing left to spare. “This is my home, and I feel disgusted to live here now,” said Kabi, “but I will continue to stay and serve God, even though there is threat and fear.”

Kabi\'s persecutors have destroyed everything physically possible to destroy, but the one thing they cannot seem to destroy is his faith in God. No matter how many times he got knocked down, he stands back up, still completely faithful to God.

And one of the reasons why they can stand firm is because of the support from Open Doors through local partners. They are in contact with Kabi and are making plans to provide him with materials to rebuild his home.

Bangladesh ranks no.31 in 2021 World Watch List.



  • Pray for the safety of brother Kabi and his family. Pray for God to protect them from the perpetrators. Pray that amid the persecution the believers will find hope and comfort in the Lord and will remain faithful to Him.
  • Pray for the persecutors that God would open their hearts and find love of Jesus through the MBBs who are working there for God\'s kingdom.
  • Pray for the neighboring believers that they will extend assistance to the persecuted believers and become together and united in the time of difficulties and hardship.

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