News Central Asia | 31-7-2022

Central Asia Sister Testified about Jesus Before The Authorities and Mullahs


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Nadina* was brutally beaten by her Muslim husband Hamad* because of her Christian faith. The beating left her with a concussion, a fracture of her nasal septum, a fracture of one rib, lots of bruises, a severe hematoma in her belly and ended up in the hospital.

Nadina’s daughter Galya* has also suffered because of her own conversion and was also beaten by her father. The violence did not stop there as Galya’s husband also oppressed her for her decision to follow Christ and beat her.

Both women were expelled from home, along with Galya’s three-year-old son. As of right now, the women are still in a safe place.

Our local Open Doors partners asked church members to tell them that many people all over the world would be praying for them.

Testified to everyone about Jesus

Nadina has started to feel better as she recovers physically and emotionally bit by bit. Galya was recently summoned for a special meeting which was organized by local authorities for a
conversation with her husband before representatives of the authorities and mullahs. The meeting was even attended by the chairman of the district.

At the meeting, Galya’s husband accused his wife of renouncing the Muslim faith, not wearing her hijab, not attending a Mosque and coming to the meeting in a dress with short sleeves.

After listening to all her husband’s accusations against Galya, the chairman allowed her to speak.

She shared her situation and then she testified to everyone about Jesus Christ and how God began to change her life and that for more than three years of living together she respected and obeyed her husband in everything.

Galya shared that she went to the mosque, dressed in a hijab as he wanted, prayed 5 times a day and was raising their son alone, as Sabir* did not help and did not provide for the family. Moreover, Sabir had found another woman and lived with her without hiding this fact from Galya, but openly began to tell her to leave home because he would not live with a Christian and an infidel.

And all this time, Jesus helped her and taught her to endure, forgive and love.

Galya is defended

Then she testified about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and all people in that meeting listened to her testimony. No one interrupted her and as soon as Sabir tried to interrupt her, the chairman immediately stopped him saying that he already had the opportunity to speak, and now he will be silent and will listen to Galya.

Galya’s husband became angry and continued to threaten and accuse her. He also threatened to take their child and isolate Galya. Sabir was told by the chairman and other members of that meeting that they would not let him and that they would defend Galya from his anger.

The Lord gave victory to our sister Galya and her mother Nadina. This is the great answer to our prayers!

*Name changed for security reasons  
Please pray
  • Pray for their complete physical and emotional recovery.
  • Pray for an opportunity to find a job and provide for their living. 
  • Pray also for the salvation of her son, and the community around them. 
  • Pray that all those who heard her testimony begin to know Jesus.
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