Covid 19 India | 26-9-2021

Stories From The Indian Covid Crisis


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Hidden away in remote villages, tropical rainforests, and grassy fields, bold stories of faith are being written in even the most dangerous places to follow Jesus.

In India, the 10th most dangerous place to follow Jesus, Christians are putting their lives on the line every day. In the country worst hit by COVID-19, persecution is also higher than ever.

But you have made a difference.

Your support last year meant 126,000 Christians in India received the help they desperately needed to survive. These are three of their stories.


Extremists killed Kirti’s husband for his faith in Jesus. Left alone to raise their four children, Kirti depended on income from their farm to get by. Then COVID-19 swept through her village.

She said, “At the time of the lockdown, some people from my village – those who persecute me because of my faith – deliberately took their animals to my farm and fed them my crops. Because of that, I have faced lots of financial problems.

“[Open Doors’ local partner] has helped me a lot. They made a home for us, gave us clothes, utensils, and rations. The work was stopped due to COVID-19, yet the Lord did not allow our family to fall short in any way. In time, God fulfilled our every need.”


Vinita has come face-to-face with death more than once. First, when extremists stormed her home, nearly killing her, along with her baby daughter. Then again, when COVID-19 hit India.

“When quarantine started, my husband’s and my work came to a standstill,” said Vinita. “We faced hardship as we had no money. I used to pray, ‘O Lord, please bless us so that we can afford some food for survival.’

“God took care of our needs. Partners from Open Doors helped us with our daily grocery needs. To those people who have helped me, I would like to thank them.

“I am also thankful to God for blessing us immensely. Even in our difficult situation, our Father helped us.”


COVID-19 changed everything for Praveen and his family. With their store not making a profit, they struggled to survive.

Praveen said, “Due to the pandemic lockdown, we had no customers and were unable to afford a square meal. 

“Throughout the uncertain times, God’s Word kept reminding us, ‘Trust in me, and I will deliver you and be your provider.’ And God has been our supplier. Today we have customers coming to the shop, and we are able to refill the groceries too, all because of your help at the right time.

“As an answer to our prayers, [Open Doors’ partner] has come to our help and provided materials to refill the shop. Now the shop is running well and is a stable source of income for our family. We can pay our rent and meet all our basic needs.”

You have changed countless lives by partnering with Open Doors. And there’s more to come!

It’s not too late to strengthen the Church in the most dangerous countries for Christians. Will you help today?

*Names changed for security purposes.

Every HK$650 could give urgent Covid relief aid and help with medical costs to a victim of violence or a believer who has lost their livelihood through the pandemic.