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50 most dangerous countries to follow Jesus

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North Korean Christians choose to live dangerously for Jesus everyday.

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For more than 60 years, Open Doors has served and supported persecuted Christians all over the world, so that they can stand strong in their faith, and be witnesses for Christ.


World Watch Last 2020 Overview

From Sub-Saharan Africa to China, Christians experience high levels of persecution In Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday more...

Reuben: Child Soldier at 7, Pastor at 15

Rubén was only seven when he began training as a guerrilla fighter. He grew up in the midst of extreme poverty in...

Time to rebuild in Syria: Centre of Hope

When life was at its hardest in Syria, your giving meant Open Doors was able to provide essential support to more than...

Drawing Hope: Helping Iraqi Kids To Dream Again

Pictured above is the 5th grade of Saint Joseph school in Qaraqosh, Iraq. For much of their lives these children have...

What Is Christmas Like In The Middle East and North Africa?

At Christmas, we see Bethlehem – a small, then-backwater town in the Middle East – take centre stage for one of the...

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