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For more than 60 years, Open Doors has served and supported persecuted Christians all over the world, so that they can stand strong in their faith, and be witnesses for Christ.


6 stories of how your support has helped Indian church leaders

The generosity of Open Doors supporters has enabled local partners to deliver emergency aid to 163,000 Christians in over 10 countries across Asia. The country that received the biggest share of relief was India, with 76,000 individuals (some 14,750 families) helped.

These Are The Children Boko Haram Wants To Put In Suicide Vests

Two girls and one boy walked into a tea hall in northern Nigeria. They were wearing suicide vests. When the vests were detonated, at least 30 people died in the explosion. What would make three children do such a horrible thing?

Sudan Ends 30 Years Of Islamic Law—Historic Move Abolishes Death Penalty For Leaving Islam

After 30 years of Islamic law, which, among many other injustices, made leaving Islam illegal, Sudan’s transitional government handed down a historic decision for the Muslim-majority nation—removing Islam as the country’s official religion. The revolutionary move comes as part of a peace deal leaders signed with rebel groups.

Covid-19 Cases Surge In Syria

Official reports suggest 157 people have died from Covid-19 in Syria, but it is widely believed that the number is much higher. Open Doors partners in Syria are responding to the crisis, with your help.

North Korean Christians Are Suffering Under The ‘Ghost Disease’ Of COVID-19

The “ghost disease.” That’s what North Koreans call COVID-19. “People can be sick without knowing it,” Brother Simon*, Open Doors’ coordinator for ministry among North Koreans, says. “They are usually malnourished already. Then suddenly, they die quickly. Some even just fall dead on the ground. It’s an invisible killer.”

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We strengthen the persecuted church through Bibles, training, and practical aid.
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Our prayers can go where we cannot. There are no borders, no prison walls, no doors that are closed when we pray.


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